About us

Who We Are

Hitec IT, Inc., was established in 1996 to support Corporate America with HIT consulting services. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Our clients include federal, state and local government, lending institutions, retail and manufacturing businesses, insurance, utilities and transportation agencies, healthcare and private industry.

The Team

Our employees are professionals with proven track records in their areas of specialization. We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability of the resources we offer. Our commitment to quality is evident in our hiring policies and client base. Our consultants/employees have a minimum of a BS computer Science degree. We also place equal emphasis on inter-personal skills, communication and work ethics.

What We Do

Our employees excel at working with our clients to develop IT solutions that meet their needs while simultaneously improving their business processes. We work with our clients to define and evaluate their workflow and implement solutions that achieve the clients' goals and objectives.

HIT is an equal opportunity employer.